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What is The Contact Number For Singapore Airlines Lost and Found?

While reaching its terminal and traveling through Singapore Airlines, they complained that their luggage was either lost or delayed at their arrival time. If you are also facing a similar issue and are looking for the airline's contact number, then you can find the contact details on its official website. Here, you can find the details of the lost and found department so that you can connect with the agent and discuss your missing baggage. The airline staff are eager to rejoin their valuable customer's bags with them.

But if you don’t know about the procedure, then don’t worry; you can follow the below steps then you can connect with someone who will assist you in finding your items of baggage.

Steps to call the phone number for Singapore Airlines lost and found

To connect with Singapore Airlines Lost and Found department, you are first required to call its telephone number, which is +1 (866) 767 2247. Then, just after placing or calling the mentioned contact number, the automated system (IVR menu system) will start automatically. You must follow the steps that the IVR menu tells you to do.

  • In the first steps, you are required to select the number of languages and the topic you are going to listen to and discuss for the rest of the call.
  • Pick 1 if your purpose of calling is connected to reservation or confirmation.
  • Pick 3 if your purpose of calling is connected to adding extra luggage items.
  • Pick 5 to upgrade or modify your flight seat.
  • Pick 7 if your purpose of calling is connected to a billing-related issue you are dealing with.
  • Pick 9 if the issue is connected to lost and found.
  • Pick 0 if your purpose of calling is not added to the IVR menu and you want to add the topic.
  • After this, the phonetics of the IVR menu system will provide a suitable conclusion. If the conclusion is not useful for you, then don’t worry; you can speak to a customer service agent and discuss it with them directly.
  • Press # to talk with a customer service agent directly, and then wait a few periods of time while your call is being transferred.
  • Once your call transfers with someone, explain your issue or question and ask for a solution.

Here you need to provide some details such as your name, reservation code/ number  (if you are an existing customer), registered phone number, email ID, etc.

How Can I Find My Lost Luggage at Singapore Airlines?

To find out about your lost items of baggage, you need to register a complaint because if you don’t register any missing or lost item complaint within 10 days of your traveling date, then according to the Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy, you are not permitted to claim for any refund. There are many methods available for customers to register a complaint. If you have the same issue, then take a look at the details below, and you can able to find your lost luggage.

These methods are as follows: 

By filing the Online Form: You will get the option to fill out the online form by going to the airline's official web page, which is Here, after filling out the form, you will receive the information about your luggage. But remember, if you didn’t take any action within 10 days from your date of arrival, then you are not authorized to claim any refund or compensation. Use the given link to open the form directly:

By calling the customer service department: By calling the Singapore Airlines Customer Service Phone Number, you can find your luggage details. Here, all you do is call the lost and found department number, and by following all the steps and commands of the recorded IVR menu system, you will connect to the available agent who will ask for your lost baggage details, such as your reservation code, baggage submission tag, color and model of the baggage, etc.

By visiting the Airport: If the traveler loses their baggage at the Airport or at the flight, then they can claim it by visiting the airport and complaining to the Airport Authority. After that, the authorities will check the details and will notify you if they find your luggage. If you don’t find your missing luggage within 28 working days, then you can claim for the compensation. But for this, you need to be eligible for the baggage policy.

By sending the email: By sending an email to the airline at Singapore Airlines Complaints Email ID that is [email protected], then send the quarry on the email, and you will receive the response within one week to 2 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

How do I contact lost and found Singapore airport?

To contact the Lost and Found department at Singapore Changi Airport, you can:

  • Visit the Changi Airport website and navigate to the "Contact Us" or "Lost and Found" section for relevant contact information.
  • Call Changi Airport's Lost and Found department directly using the provided phone number.
  • Visit the "Lost and Found" office in person at the airport terminal, usually located near the baggage claim area or the information desk.
  • Send an email to the Lost and Found department using the email address provided on the Changi Airport website.

Ensure to provide detailed information about your lost item, including a description and any relevant details, when contacting the Lost and Found department for assistance.