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How Can I Book A Group Flight Ticket With Qatar Airways?

Traveling with a group for a meeting, exploring new cities, etc, is one of the best experiences under any circumstances. The point for group traveling could be a vacation, business meeting, office purpose, sports, or any occasion. Once you think about traveling in a group, the first thing that you search for is the best airline offering a considerable discount. Here, Qatar Airways group booking offers their passengers multiple conveniences and advantages. But to know the advantages first, you need to know about the group booking policy.

If you are unable to find the policy, then read the details below so that you can reserve your seat quickly. 

Policies to read before processing the reservation

Customers who will make the reservation in groups must read these guidelines to avoid any hassle with their bookings. Read the guidelines below:

  • According to Qatar Airways group booking policy, for a group reservation, they are required to book a minimum of 10 tickets.
  • These tickets are refundable, but there is a time limit, and if they exceed the time limit, then they need to pay a penalty.
  • The bookings are valid for Adult passengers and children. For infants, it is non-applicable.
  • If they reserve seats with more than 10 passengers, they will get the opportunity to take some extra luggage with them.  
  • Customers are required to provide some necessary details such as company name(if they are going for a business trip), total number of travelers, age, etc.

What are the advantages/ benefits of reservations in grouping?

While reserving the seats in the group, they will get many benefits for group booking with Qatar Airways, such as:

  • People can take advantage of heavy discounts, which are available on the airline's official web page.
  • Customers can reserve the seats and get the option to pay the amount 7 days before the date of the journey.
  • Customers can get the grouping check-in option.
  • They can get an extra baggage allowance.

If they don’t have the names of all the passengers at the time of the booking, they can confirm the booking and add the names later, but the journey date should be more than 7 working days.

How to book your group travel with Qatar Airways?

To Book Group Travel with Qatar Airways, passengers are required to go to the airline's official web page, which is

  • And then, he/she is required to tap on the “BOOK” section.
  • Now, tap on the group travel icon.
  • Then, you will be redirected to the next page, where you will get a reservation form. You need to fill out this form.
  • After that, open the form; to fill it out, you will need to log in to your account.
  • Here, you need to enter the required details and their ID.
  • Then, enter the destination date, departure date, name, email address, and others.
  • Now, you need to go to the payment page and pay the fare of the flight.

The flight confirmation message will be sent to you on your mobile number or email address.

What is the procedure for reserving the cluster by phone call?

By using the telephone number of the airline, travelers can connect with the airline's live person, and the person/ agent will assist them in making the Qatar Airways group reservation.

For this, they are required to dial the number at +1 877 777 282. When you make a phone call to the given number, you will connect to the IVR menu system. where you need to follow the steps they give if you want to talk to a live person on the airline. In these steps, you first need to:

  • you are required to select the language you find easy to understand while speaking and listening.
  • Now, in the end, you are required to pick a talking point you want to speak. You need to select:
  • Option 1 is about your general problems, such as Pnr inquiry, flight departure time information, etc.
  • Option 3 is when your topic is related to flight ticket modification.
  • If you want to know the flight status, select option 5.
  • To cancel your booking after 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, select option 7.
  • You can pick option 9. This option is for those who didn’t get a refund after calling off their flight.
  • After that, your call will connect to the live person within a second. Then, he/she will assist you in finding the solution. So provide all the details to them.

After reading the complete details mentioned above, you can now understand the procedure of selecting the seat by using the policy and by speaking with the agent using the Qatar Airways Booking Phone Number. If you require any assistance, then go to the official web page at and find your solutions here.

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