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How Do I Talk to Someone at Air Canada?

Air Canada is one known airline that is famous for providing cheaper air tickets without taking any extra taxes and or hidden charges. If you are a new passenger who just reserved a seat with this airline then you don’t need to be worried. With this airline, you can ask and solve all of your queries by speaking with a customer service agent or live person. Their customer service agents are all well-skilled in solving the issue within a few seconds. 

If you don’t have much information on how to connect with them, then you can follow the instructions below so that you can solve your issue efficiently.

The guide to speaking with the customer service person

To speak with the Air Canada Live Person Here, you are required to dial the contact number on your cellular, which is +1 888 247 2262. When you call the given telephone number here, you are required to follow the steps of the IVR menu system, and when you follow all the steps without any error, then your call will transfer to the live person who will assist you in solving all the queries within a few minutes. Here first, you need to:

  • Pick out your choice of language or the language you can quickly understand and express your topic, and then the language will be changed from the default language to your selected language. For this 

After that, you are now required to choose the concern that you want to discuss with the live person. 

  • Pick button 1 to get the information related to the booking. 

  • Press button 3 to learn about the changes you can make to your flight ticket.

  • Pick button 5 for inquiries related to promo codes or discount vouchers.

  • Press button 7 to choose a seat in your preferred seat, such as a window seat.

  • Pick button 9 for the query related to add-on extra luggage, pets, etc.

  • Pick button # if you are unable to listen to the audio and want to listen to the command again. 

Now, when the IVR system completes providing its commands, then your call will be completed to someone who will be available at that time. If all the agents are busy, then you need to wait for the last til someone responds to your call.

What Is the Cost of Making an Air Canada Call?

Generally, calling the number of the airline is free of cost. You need to call the toll-free number that you can find on the official web page at Here, you can select your region or country as per your preference.

What is the Air Canada Baggage Policy?

According to the Air Canada Baggage Policy, its allowance refers to the maximum number, weight of bags, and size that customers are permitted to bring on an airplane. It has baggage allowances based on characteristics such as class of flight, economy class, business class, route, and loyalty status.

  • Passengers are allowed to bring one handbag and one luggage bag with them for any extra baggage he/she is required to pay the extra charge.

  • Fees can vary by route and class of the flight, with some international routes allowing one or two free bags to carry with them.

If a passenger has extra luggage or baggage, then they can add the luggage from the manage booking section. But for this, they are required to pay some extra amount.

How to Send an Email to Air Canada For a Complaint?

When a passenger is unhappy with the services, then they can get the option to give feedback or register a complaint. If you also have a terrible experience with the airline or you are unhappy with the service, then you can register a complaint by visiting the official web page.  To send an email to the airline with a complaint, you are required to open on your web browser, and then, at the bottom of the home page, you can see the option for contact information. Click on it. Then Click on the Contact Us icon.

  •  Here, you need to click on the send us an email. 

  • Then, you can see the main options here, select your topic, and after that, type your query and send it.

  • Then, you will get a response within a certain period.

After reading all the details mentioned above, you can now understand the procedure of how to speak with someone by using the Air Canada Toll-free number, the baggage policy, and the method to register a complaint. But if you require any assistance, then you can use other alternatives that you can find on the airline's official website so that you can find the solutions quickly.