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How do I Retrieve My El Al Manage Booking Details?

El Al Airlines is the flag carrier of Israel; you can book flight tickets at attractive prices and plan your vacation with the airline. The customer service offered by the airline is exceptional. The flight booking process is simple, and once a reservation is made, you can easily add a service or make any other modifications easily through the manage booking tab. You can read further along to know more details.

The process to retrieve El Al Manage booking details

  • Open the page
  • You have to click "Manage Booking."
  • You have to enter the ticket number and the last name, then click "Continue."
  • Select a booking you need to manage.
  • If you are looking for How do I check my ticket booking?, you will be able to review the booking here.
  • Then use the tabs to modify the booking.
  • You can make the payment if needed.
  • An email will be sent to you with the details.

Using the official website and by following the steps above, you can easily manage your booking. You can make changes to the travel date or the destination, book a seat, buy baggage, and much more. If the process above is difficult to follow, you can use another method from the list below.

Through the El Al Airlines Phone Number:

  • You will be able to manage El Al Israel Airlines Flight Booking by calling the number 1 (800) 223-6700 and following the IVR instructions below.
  • You have to press 1 to make a new reservation or to modify a booking.
  • You have to press 2 to request a refund.
  • You have to press 3 if your baggage is delayed or damaged.
  • You have to press 4 to file a complaint.
  • You have to press 9 to talk to a customer service representative.

After you are connected, you have to give the booking details to the representative, and they will modify the booking for you. If you want to change the date, you must make sure to contact the airline within 24 hours of booking so that you may get it done for free.

Through the mobile app:

  • Download and open the app.
  • Click Manage to book.
  • Enter the reservation details.
  • Choose the specific booking you need to manage.
  • Use the tabs to modify the booking as per your needs.
  • If you want to book a seat, you will get the seat map where you will be able to check for availability.
  • You may make the payment if needed.

You will get an update through an email.

Through the ticket counters:

One of the easiest ways for you to el al airlines manage booking is by contacting a representative of the airline at the airport ticket counters. You have to give the booking details, and the agent will modify the booking as per your needs. You will be able to make payments through cash as well.

The information here will be useful for managing your booking. Using the phone number, you can connect with the airline anytime to get the solution to any travel-related query. The airline is available 24/7 for customers. You can get solutions to queries using the official website as well and have a memorable trip.