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How Do I Cancel My Copa Airlines Flight?

It is usual for people to sometimes change fo their travel plans due to unplanned events. If you reserved a seat with Copa Airlines and want to cancel your reservation, but you are in a dilemma, are you eligible to call off the reservation or not? Here, all you do is know about its cancellation policy so that you can understand whether you are eligible for cancellation or not.  

Don’t know how to understand the policy? Don’t worry. Just read the details below, and you will understand the requirements that are essential for every customer to check his eligibility. 

The policies that are important to read

According to Copa Airlines Cancellation policy and fee, you are permitted to call off your reservation within 24 hours if you put your booking on hold when you reserved it online and If you do not pay the fare within 24 hours, it will cancel automatically.

  • For any reason, if the airline postpones your flight, you are eligible to ask for a refund for your canceled trip (or you can take the alternative flight option offered by them if you wish).

  • If your flight is delayed due to a weather problem, you may qualify for a booking cancellation.

  • If a customer, companion, or close relative dies or is seriously sick, then the customer may call off the flight and claim a refund, but he/she is required to provide valid documentary proof such as a health certificate or death certificate.

  • Due to overbooking the airline will deny your boarding then you can postpone your trip, and you can also claim compensation. 

  • If you reserve your seat using any third-party trip service provider, then you need to contact the third-party trip service provider only. 

Now, after knowing the information you can now proceed to cancel your reservation. Read the below details to cancel the booking online.

Procedure to call of the reservation

Here, you are required to visit the Copa Airlines official website. After clicking on the webpage when the home page opens, you need to click on the section of “My Trips,” which you can find on the top of the home page. 

  • Now, a new page will open, and here you are required to enter your reservation code/e-ticket number or your last name and click on the Find Your Reservation tab.

  • Then, you can see your total booking details with this airline. Choose the flight you want to manage your trip.

  • After that, postpone your reservation and pay the penalty if you have crossed the 24-hour trip modification duration.

When the procedure ends then within a few minutes, you will get the modification email or text message on your registered email address or mobile number.

Does Copa Airlines have a cancellation for 24 hours?

Yes, according to Copa Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy If a passenger wants to call off his/her booking without paying any penalty, then he/she is required to cancel the reservation within 24 hours of reserving a seat. 

How to cancel a Copa Airlines flight ticket?

There are many options available by Copa so that passengers can make modifications as per their requirements, whether it is for adding extra service or postponing the reserved flight Tickets. If you find any difficulty in calling off your booking, then you can also use these methods. The methods are:

  • By calling.

  • Using mobile application.

  • Meeting with the customer service person by visiting the airport. 

By calling: Here, you need to call the airline live agent, and he/she will help you solve your issue. You need to dial the number that is +1 786 840 2672 and then follow the IVR menu system. When the IVR menu system is completed, then your call will connect to the agent. 

Using mobile application: You can also use the mobile application by clicking on the “My Trips ” icon, and then you are required to enter your e-ticket number or booking number and your last name. Then, you are eligible to cancel your reservation.

Meeting with the customer service person by visiting the airport: Meeting the airline service person is the best option for every passenger. Here, you are required to visit the nearest airport and then visit the customer service person who will assist you in finding all the solutions.

After reading all the details you are now able to find the solutions to the questions you are looking for.