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How Do I Cancel Etihad Airways Flight Ticket?

Perhaps you had intended to purchase a ticket with Etihad Airlines, nevertheless, you have to cancel the trip due to unforeseen circumstances. You may discover more about the airline's cancellation policy and procedure by reviewing the information provided below whenever you have concerns regarding it.

The process to cancel the flight:

Method 1: Online

If you want to prevent standing queues at the ticket counters, you can cancel your ticket online. The following is the procedure for canceling the Etihad Airways ticket online.

  • Visit its official website.
  • Navigate through the manage my booking option.
  • Click on it now, then enter your booking reference number.
  • You'll obtain the trips you had reserved.
  • Choose the trip that you wish to proceed with canceling now.
  • You must now choose the cancel flight option, after which a new page containing a cancellation will appear on your screen.
  • Move ahead by giving the required information.
  • Submit the cancellation form after confirming all the information.
  • Following the cancellation fee deduction, the amount of your refund will appear on the screen. Hit the submit button if you agree with the amount specified.
  • A cancellation completion email will be sent to the email you provided, and a tracking ID for the progress of your refund will be provided.

Method 2: Over the phone

You can use the Etihad Airways 24-hour Cancellation Via Calling Process to get in contact with the agent and discuss the cancellation process. To have a phone conversation with the live representative, follow these steps:

  • Dial +1 (877) 690-0767.
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Follow the IVR instructions.
  • Once you've hit the appropriate key, hold on while your call is connected to the airline person.

Once the connection has been established, describe your problem and request that the agent complete the procedure on your behalf.

What Is Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy?

  • There is no cancellation fee for any flight that is canceled within 24 hours of the reservation being booked.
  • In order to complete the process, you must pay the cancellation charge for any cancellations made after 24 hours.
  • By using the website's online cancellation tool, you can change your flight plans. Another way to cancel your flight is to speak with customer support.
  • In the instance of an airline cancellation, the passenger will get an adequate reimbursement as compensation.

What is the expense of canceling a flight on Etihad?

The cost of cancellations is variable and depends on a number of criteria, including the passenger's flight ticket, including the distance, duration, class, and other important details. However, there are several circumstances where the traveler is required to pay the Etihad Airways Cancellation Fee, which is listed below.

  • Pay 170 US dollars for the First Class.
  • Pay US$130 for the Business Class.
  • Pay between $75 and $100 USD for Economy Class.

The passenger must pay a cancellation fee ranging from 45 to 200 US dollars if their destination is within 500 to 1500 kilometers.

How Do I Claim My Etihad Canceled Ticket Refund?

For your convenience, you can use the Airways' official website to request a refund. In this procedure, the following actions must be taken:

  • Visit its official page,
  • Then navigate to the support page.
  • Next, Look out for the section on Refunds and Compensation.
  • Select the option entitled Refund.
  • Complete the given columns with the cancellation's specifics.
  • then include the necessary files to receive your refund.
  • Next, click the submit button to forward the reimbursement request to Airways.

Over the phone: You can also contact an executive via phone to file a claim for a reimbursement of your canceled reservation. The following procedures can be followed to apply for an offline refund over the phone:

  • Make a call at the airline’s phone number: +1 -877 -690- 0767.
  • Next, choose the option to have a conversation with an airline executive.
  • The executive will then immediately connect to your call.
  • Now inquire with the executive to compensate you back for the canceled reservation.
  • Upon that, provide the executive with the information they require.
  • Ultimately, Airways will handle your refund request.

In conclusion, if you adhere to the Etihad Airways cancellation policy and the aforementioned specified processes, canceling a flight is always effortless.

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