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How can I reserve a seat on Frontier Airlines?

Traveling with Frontier Airlines can be the best and most pocket-friendly option for you. It doesn’t change any extra taxes, and it does not take any kind of hidden charges. Also, you will get the option to choose the seat as per your preference. You can do it by yourself; you just need to visit its official web page, and then you can reserve a seat using a simple procedure. 

Unable to reason the seats? Don’t worry. Just follow the procedures below and book the ticket as per your choice and preferences.

Check out the guide below to book a reservation as per your Requirement.

To reserve a seat, you are required to go to the airline's official website, which is on your device, and when its home page opens then, you are required to:

  • Tap on the 'Frontier Airlines manage my reservation/Check-In' section,
  • Then, enter your Last Name registered on the ticket and Confirmation Code in this section,
  • Now, click the search button, and you will see your flight itinerary details.
  • Then, you need to search for the Seat Selection option here, and when you find the option, tap on it to view the seat Map,
  • Choose a seat here of your preferences from the availability of seats,
  • Now, tap on done.
  • Then, you need to pay the required amount (if needed).
  • After that, click on submit.

Then, your selection procedure will end, and you will get the verification mail on the registered email ID that you provided while reserving the ticket.

How to reserve a Frontier Airlines seat by phone?

When a passenger's existing passenger is dealing with their air seat booking issues, then they are required to contact the customer service department by using the phone call. They are required to call at +1 720 902 3969. Then, follow some simple steps of the IVR menu audio system. The IVR menu system helps passengers collect data according to the needs of the customers, and then it transfers the call to the agent available at that time. In the command, they are needed to: 

Pick out your native language that you think is easy for you while listening and talking. Here, they are required to:

  • Pick the option number one for English.
  • Pick option number three for Spanish.
  • Pick option number five for Mexican.

Now, in the next command, you have to select the following: You are looking to confirm your seat as soon as possible with someone available at that time. For this, on your cell phone, you are required to:

  • Pick option number one to make a flight reservation.
  • Pick option number three to call off your reserved seat/manage/modify your ticket, or select the seats.
  • Pick option number five to claim compensation or a refund.
  • Pick option number seven to register your complaint about your missing luggage.
  • Pick option number nine to listen to the recorded audio of the IVR menu steps one more time.

Once you have done all the steps correctly, then, within a few seconds, if the internet connectivity is stable, your call will be transferred to someone available at that time.

How to reserve a Frontier Airlines seat by WhatsApp?

Sometimes, due to high network traffic, the Frontier Airlines customer service person is unable to respond to your call. If your call is also on the waiting list after many calls, then you don’t need to worry because, with Frontier Airlines, passengers will get the option to make seat reservations by using its WhatsApp application. For this, he or she is required to download the mobile application first.

  • Now save the WhatsApp number on your smartphone, which is  720 902 3969.
  • Then, launch the application.
  • Search the airline name on the search bar.
  • Open the profile.
  • Then, type your query and send it.
  • After that, you will receive the response within a few minutes of sending your query.
  • Now, provide all the details which are important for your reservation.
  • Then, you will receive the solution related to your reservation, and then your reservation process will be completed.

Lastly, you will receive your reservation-related query on your registered email ID. 

Note: If you find it difficult to find the WhatsApp number, then you can follow the links that are mentioned here. The link is

How can I select my seat without paying an extra charge?

By using a mobile application passenger can select their seat without paying any extra charges. The method is:

  • Using mobile application: In the mobile application, passengers can reserve the seats as per their choice in the manage booking section.
  • Here, by entering your last name and ticket reservation code, you will be able to see your total bookings.
  • Where you are required to find the flight you want to modify.
  • Then, click on Frontier Airlines reserved my seat tab.
  • And your selection procedure will be complete. 

Once the selection procedure is completed then, you will get the details on your registered email address.

In conclusion, after reading all the details mentioned above, you are now able to find out how to reserve a seat on Frontier Airlines by using methods such as via phone, email address, mobile application, etc without paying any extra changes. All you do is read the details carefully and enjoy your trip.

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