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Do Aeromexico Airlines Allow Pets?

Yes, pets are permitted to fly on Aeromexico aircraft with their owners and can even be checked as luggage. Any travelers who have to travel with their pets will benefit from the Pet Policy. This is the perfect place for you if you are worried about your pet's comfort and safety during the trip. It assures that both the traveler and the airline have complied with all requirements. Go through further to learn about the airline's policies and restrictions for carrying pets on flights.

What is the Aeromexico Airlines Pet Travel Policy?

To ensure a comfortable flight, the airline introduced a special pet policy. You can make travel plans in accordance with the acceptance requirements by checking it out here.

  • Depending on the type and size, the airline allows pets in both the cargo and the cabin.
  • Only dogs and cats are permitted to fly in the aircraft cabin according to Aeromexico Airlines' pet travel policy.
  • Pet owners need to check in for their flights at least two hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • Fish, rats, and reptiles are among the other animals that must travel as Airline’s Cargo Pets.
  • The airline has the right to refuse to transport your pet if it behaves disruptively at the airport or during check-in.
  • The Cargo is the only way for passengers flying from Mexico to London to check in their pets.
  • The International Pet and Animal Transport Association's import and export procedures must be followed.
  • Pet kennels without a customer are not accepted by the airline.

How Do you take your pets in Aeromexico?

The airline offers two ways for its passengers to travel with their pets:

  • Pets in the Cabin (PETC)
  • Checked in Pet (AVIH)

Requirements for pets in the cabin:

  • Only small domestic dogs or cats are permitted.
  • The total weight of your pet and its container cannot be more than 9 kg.
  • Pets need to be eight weeks old or older.
  • Pets that are young or nursing are not permitted on board.
  • Pets receiving veterinarian consideration are not permitted on flights.

Requirements for pets in the checked :

  • Birds, cats, and dogs as pets may be checked as luggage. Fish, reptiles, and rodents can all be shipped as cargo.
  • Although the pet must be at least 8 weeks old, its weight can go up to 45 kg, including the carrier.
  • Pets are subject to a fee when checked as luggage, and pet travel is not free of charge.
  • Verify that the pet cage meets all specifications. If not, the airline will decline to allow your pet to travel with you as checked luggage.
  • Your pet ought to be inoffensive and odorless.
  • The pet container needs to be impervious to leaks.
  • Pet carriers ought to be resistant to scratches and bites.

How do I make a Pet flight reservation?

You can give the customer support team a call if you want to add a pet to your Aeromexico Airlines flight booking. There will be pet travel fees per leg that you can pay to confirm your pet's airline tickets. To book tickets and ensure a hassle-free travel experience for you and your pet, call the airline’s pet travel phone line and speak with a specialist agent.

What is the Airline's pet fee schedule?

The prices will change depending on when you travel—during the hot or low seasons. Here is comprehensive information about the Aeromexico Airlines Pet Travel Cost for domestic as well as international flights:

Domestic Flights

  • In high season, cabin pets cost $1,700 MXN, and checked pets cost $1,950 MXN.
  • In the low season, cabin pets cost $1,350 MXN, and checked pets cost $1,600 MXN.

International Flights

  • During peak season, cabin pets cost $168 USD, and checked pets cost $258 USD.
  • In the low season, cabin pets cost $162 USD, and checked pets cost $252 USD.

Which Documents Must be Provided to Fly with a Pet?

To ensure your pet has a hassle-free flight, you must carry all necessary documentation for your pet to travel with you. The information about the

documentation required for airlines to transport pets by air is provided below, according to the international destinations of the airline’s cargo pets.

Pets Traveling Within Mexican Territory

  • A recent record of vaccinations.
  • A veterinarian's letter headed certificate of good health.

Pets Leaving and Entering Mexico

  • A most recent record of vaccinations.
  • You are required to get a rabies vaccination within 28 days of arriving in the United States.
  • A Veterinarian's letter headed certificate of good health.
  • A SAGARPA-issued export certificate of good health.

The pet policy is designed to make traveling with your pet as convenient as possible. If you know the guidelines, prepare ahead of time, and follow the airline's recommendations, you should be able to travel with your pet without any concerns.