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How Much Does Qatar Airways Charge For Change Flight Dates? 

Oops! There is a change in plan. Are you canceling your flight to book a new one as per your change schedule? Wait! This will cost you a lot of money. You have a better option where you can modify the date on your existing flight tickets just by paying a little more than the ticket price. This option is hassle-free, more convenient, and economical. But still, how much does Qatar Airways charge for date change? Let’s find this out.     

Qatar Airways Date Change Cost

The passengers applying for a date change will have to pay a price for it. Once the airline receives the payment, they will make the necessary changes to the ticket and cancel the previous ticket. The passenger will receive a new ticket with a new date on it. But again, what is the price? As per the policy of Qatar Airways, a passenger will have to pay between $100 to $125. It’s difficult to determine the exact price because there are several factors involved. However, those who are interested in knowing the exact price can contact the agent.    

Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy

There is a possibility that you do not want to continue the trip anymore. To secure yourself from such occurrences, you are advised to take a refundable ticket. These ticket types are a little more expensive than regular ones, but they provide you with a cushion against flight cancellation. But what about those passengers who did not buy a refundable ticket? The good news is you can still save money, but it heavily depends on Qatar Airways' policy. Read below and understand the policies:-

  • Non-refundable tickets are liable to get government taxes and fees only. 
  • If passengers fail to reach the airport and the flight has already departed, the passenger has no right to seek a refund. 
  • Refunds will be initiated only on fully unused tickets. Partially and fully used tickets do not qualify for the refund requirements. 
  • If the flight is canceled from the airline’s end for any technical reason or due to overbooking, the airline is supposed to repay you the complete ticket fee. 
  • The refund may be reflected in your bank account within seven working days from the date of cancellation. 
  • The refund will be initiated to the passenger's original payment source. 
  • Any passenger who made their booking through a third party cannot come to the airline regarding any query for the cancellation or refund. They will only have to connect with the agent. 
  • Passengers who had to cancel the flight due to a medical emergency are entitled to a full refund, but they must present their medical reports to the airline.       

How Late Can I Change My Flight With Qatar Airways?

When a passenger decides to change the date of their ticket, the guidelines of Qatar Airways say clearly that they must make the Qatar Airways change date at least three hours before the flight. After this, the airline closes the window of accepting flight cancellation and date change requests from the passengers. Certain formalities are involved in date change, and they also have to check whether the seat is available. Thus, airlines require a certain amount of time to accomplish these formalities and ensure you do not suffer any delays at the airport while boarding the flight.  

How Do You Change Or Cancel The Flight On The Phone? 

Passengers can make flight cancellations or change requests through “Manage My Booking.” However, certain passengers may have questions or require assistance in the procedure. Fret not! Such passengers can get personalized assistance through Qatar Airways' phone number to cancel or change the date. But remember, asking for any service on the call is subject to a fee. Follow the procedure below to cancel or date change over a phone call:-

  • Dial 1 (877) 777-2827 or +1-888-507-2247 and wait for the call to connect. 
  • Once the call is connected, choose your preferred language. 
  • Now, follow the IVR and press the suggested key for the date change and flight cancellation, whatever your requirement is. 
  • Next, wait until a person from the associated department does not join you on the call. 
  • Follow the instructions and modify your ticket. 
  • The details will shared with you through email. 


Many times, passengers have to cancel or change the flight date, and they suffer a loss of money because they are unaware of the policies. If you want to cancel or modify the date on Qatar’s flight, read the texts above first for the best help.